steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Nothing Succeeds like Sucky Seeds

Why male rather than female? Why first-born rather than second-born? Why Windsor rather than Smith? Once you try to bring fairness to a system that's founded on the principle of unfairness, aren't you undermining the whole house of cards?

But also, why is it necessary for all the countries of which the queen is head of state to move in step on this issue? Why can't the UK enact this change, and let New Zealand, Canada, Australia, etc. do so or not, that being their right as independent nations? The worst that could happen is that Kate Middleton's daughter would end up as queen of the UK, while at the same time her younger brother would be king of New Zealand. Would that be such a disaster? Perhaps the New Zealanders would like to have a head of state living in Wellington rather than 12,000 miles away?

Of course, I trust that by the time any of this comes to pass the issue will have been rendered moot, and we will all be happy citizens of a world government under the enlightened rule of the Emperor Google.
Tags: current affairs
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