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Have Santa and the White Witch Considered a Sleigh-Share?

To a school production of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe tonight. My daughter was involved in make-up rather than acting, which made it far less nerve-wracking, though it also meant I spent some of last weekend as a practice canvas for the animals of Aslan's army ...

Photo806 Photo803

Anyway, as I watched I found myself wondering about the book's Turkish connections - of which there are of course precisely two (a mystical number): Edmund's Turkish Delight, and the name Aslan, which is Turkish for "lion". Might this counterpoint be uncoincidental? Might it even be that Aslan was being offered as the true Turkish Delight - as the Lord of/de Light? Perhaps, in fact, each of the seven books in the Narnia series plays subtly on the cuisine of a different nation of the eastern Mediterranean?

Unfortunately I was distracted from this train of thought before I was able to pad it out to book length, by Professor Kirke, who (though otherwise excellent) had forgotten his lines in the interview with Peter and Susan, and taken to responding to whatever they said with - "But that is precisely what makes your sister's story so likely to be true." Which pleased me much.
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