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The Most Unkindest Saving of All

There's been some publicity for the recent push by the Government to get the BBC to replace the dingy word "cuts" with the fluffy word "savings". This has already resulted in such strange headlines as "Savings Threat to Hundreds of Hospital Jobs in Cornwall," and I'm sure we'll all have fun spotting similar bullshit in weeks to come. Perhaps Deepcut Barracks will soon be renamed Massive Savings Barracks, just as Windscale was renamed Sellafield in days gone by? Rebranding is the most effective way to make nasty things go away, as David Cameron will have learned from his days in PR.

On the other hand, the next time I see a headline reading "Local Library Saved" I won't know whether it's just about to be shut for ever or is perhaps staying open a little longer. So it's not all good.

Meanwhile, the local enthusiastic church - which really is all about the saving - is about to open what looks to be the best nursery group ever:


And spring has come to Stokes Croft:

Stokes Croft in the Springtime
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