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A Local Hill for Local People, etc.
"It's a scandal! Each year, millions of public sector workers are being paid billions of pounds in wages and leaving the taxpayer to pick up the bill."

Okay, the government hasn't quite had the chutzpah to use that line yet; but John Hutton and several commentators used the "taxpayer picking up the bill" refrain yesterday with regard to deferred wages (i.e. pensions). Who did they think would be paying, given that most public sector workers' pension contributions go straight to the Treasury (a.k.a. the taxpayer)?

Ah, but I've written about all that before. Let's change the mood with a couple of signs from today's walk along the Gloucester Road, which I feel I've neglected in favour of Stokes Croft (albeit it it's actually the same road, only a bit further along).


This one appeared fairly recently, and charms me with its willingness to acknowledge that the people who live in a place have some small say over what it's called (compare and contrast the sorry cartographers of Loch Lomond), while not quite feeling able to go the whole hog.

Meanwhile, adding to the many fusion cuisines on offer in this part of Bristol, we have the mouthwatering prospect of a Turkish-French-West Country blend. I'm thinking pasties in choux pastry, with a pistachio and watermelon stuffing.

I can't wait...

And if anyone's been wondering how Jessie the Cat is getting on, here she is yesterday doing her stout Cortez pose (with Muggins playing a peak in Darien):

Fur is Back in Fashion...

Finally, Mitch Benn has written a song about the way Chris Jefferies was slandered (it's 14:20 into the programme). It makes the point - but who is being parodied here? Massive Attack? That's the nearest I can get, and they are a Bristol band, but - well, not one of Mitch's best, I'm afraid.

ETA: I meant to add this photo, which I took yesterday at work, where Student Union Election fever has taken hold. I record it for posterity, as the first election poster of the post-Clegg era:

Campaigning, Post-Clegg

it's actually the same road, only a bit further along

one could say that about most roads on any given landmass. *strikes philosophical pose*

Very true - the road outside Frodo's front door runs all the way to Mordor.

Aw! What a marvellous cat!

I must admit, I resent paying the Chief Execs of councils quarter of a million a year in wages and an equivalent in pensions. But changing the pay and conditions of people who have already signed a contract agreeing what their pension would be when they retired? That's really, really low. Especially when that wretched man Goodwin gets off Scot free with his when he can't even do his job properly!

I must admit, I resent paying the Chief Execs of councils quarter of a million a year in wages and an equivalent in pensions.

Indeed - I resent that too. When I rule the world, it will be against the law for any member of an organization (public or private) to earn more than 5 times what the lowest-paid member of the organization is paid. That leaves plenty of room for incentive - anything more is just greed.

When I worked for a local authority, many moons ago, it was generally accepted that wage levels were low compared to the private sectors (and the civil service, at that). But the holidays and pensions balanced out the deficiencies in pay scale, and it remained a desirable place to work.

Methinks the top tier in the councils have restructured their organisations to suit themselves, and now everyone's paying for their greed.


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