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St Ives

The weather in St Ives was, occasionally, better than predicted by the Met Office (see my last post), and the view from our flat was at least as good:


If you look carefully, you can see Virginia Woolf's lighthouse in the distance - the Godrevy Light:


Needless to say, we didn't row out .

Even in the rain, St Ives has a lot to see. I particularly like some of the street names, and it pleases me that you can move in a few paces from a bawdy session of

Court Cocking

to the restorative delights of

Salubrious Place

Also - new discovery for us - was this little beach waterfall, which is (I think) the current outlet for the Well of St. Ia, the town's eponymous saint, said to have sailed over from Ireland on a leaf some time in the fifth century, with conversion on her mind. How tiresome it must have been to discover that Cornwall was already Christian!

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