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I Am of Them that Farthest Cometh Behind

I'm not a fast reader, unlike Mori, so I'm probably pretty much the last of my LJ friends to have finished Among Others - but I've now done so, and a wonderful book it is too. I'm not going to attempt to unravel its subtler pleasures, since I'm too tired to do it justice and others have already made a good job of it. Let's just say that I loved its angle to approach to Stuff. And that, as a near-contemporary of both papersky and her heroine, I relished her evocation of being that age at the turn of the '80s: everything rang true. The scene with the ear-piercing scream (if I can put it that way without being too spoilery) actually gave me a nightmare. Job done, I'd say.

I wish I knew whether Mori ever got around to reading Red Shift, though, and what she thought of it. I'm guessing not, as she mentioned Crewe Station later and never made the connection, as it were. I think she'd have enjoyed it.
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