steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Schadenfreude to the World; or, a Tale of Three Brains

So, yesterday Ryanair texted to let me know that the flight I would have taken from Dublin back to Bristol yesterday, if I'd decided to risk going, had indeed been cancelled. If I'd been there, I would very likely not have got to be with my children on Christmas Day, with all that that implies. I happened to be on the phone to lady_schrapnell at the time the text arrived, so didn't have a chance to think about this till later, but I realise now that I had not one but three different reactions to the news.

a) My forebrain* thought, "Oh dear, all those poor people stuck on the wrong side of the Irish Sea, and at this time of year, too!"

b) My midbrain thought, "Well, it's nice to know that for once I managed to make the right decision in a case like this (albeit with a bit of help from lady_schrapnell). Compare and contrast my timing with that five-year fixed-rate mortgage! Also, the £20 refund will come in very handy."

c) Unfortunately, these reactions were not enough to drown out the shrill ecstasy of my hindbrain, which was throwing its synapses in the air and shouting: "Result! So long, suckers! Eat my sprouts!"

Which of these is the real Steepholm? All of them, alas. "In the misfortunes of our best friends we always find something not displeasing to us," said La Rochefoucauld; but I prefer the blunter formulation of Confucius (or someone very like him - I can't trace the source for the moment): "There is no sight more delightful than to watch one's neighbour fall off the roof of his house."

Oh, humanity! Oh, Ryanair! Oh, Merry Christmas!

* Accuracy of brain anatomy not guaranteed.
Tags: maunderings, real life
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