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Where are they Now? Stephen Williams MP

Once upon a time there was a LipDem candidate for my constituency named Stephen Williams. When the Labour government wanted to increase tuition fees he went out of his way to criticize the sitting MP, Labour's Valerie Davey, for sitting on the fence:

January 2004 -

“Bristol West electors must be wondering what on earth to make of their MP’s voting record… Abstain, abstain, abstain. Not a very courageous stance. Bristol West needs an MP who can adequately represent the constituency and remain faithful to campaign promises.”

January 2004

In letter to Valerie Davey: “I think that most Bristol West electors will not see an abstention as a particularly courageous stance on your part.”

April 2004 –

“Thousands of students and parents will be wondering what on earth is the point of an MP who can’t take a stand on such a major issue.”

That was then. In 2005 Stephen was elected in Valerie Davey's place, and earlier this year he was returned strongly, not least (in this university constituency) because of his personal pledge not to increase tuition fees.

So, now that Stephen Williams MP has had a chance to put his money where his mouth is, how did he vote in yesterday's measure to triple fees?

He abstained, of course.
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