steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Coughs and Splutters

Jim Naughtie's unwitting spoonerism over Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary was the most memorable moment on this morning's Today. Its coincidence with a coughing fit didn't help.

But the interview with Tom Harris MP brought up more bile than phlegm. He spent the entire time defending Philip Green's siphoning off hundreds of millions of pounds into a nominal account held by his wife in Monaco, thereby avoiding tax, and condemning those who have had the chutzpah to object to it. Amazingly, this capitalist sycophant does not sit for a Tory shire, but is Labour MP for Glasgow South. Surely some mistake?

[Edited to provide working links. Also, deliciously, here is Andrew Marr discussing what happened in the context of a discussion of Freudian slips, and somehow managing to repeat it.]
Tags: current affairs
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