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Prosopagnosia Strikes Again

As I've mentioned here before, I have a degree of prosopagnosia, or face blindness. This is quite irritating when trying to sort out family photographs, so I'm throwing myself on your collective perspicacity. Can you tell me whether these people are the same?

The woman in both these photos is Lucy Tonge, my great great- aunt. But is the man the same in both cases? I'd thought her husband was called George, but the man in the lower photo is identified as Tom. Could they be father and son, or the same person taken quite a long time apart? (I imagine Lucy's changing dress style would give quite a clue, if I knew more about costume history.)

mr & mrs tonge

Tom & Lucy Tonge (Butler)

I'm fairly sure that the first person is my great grandmother Maria (born 1854). But is she the same person as appears in the second photo, also identified as 'Maria'?

maria butler


You may remember my great great-aunt Fanny (1850-89) - who was one of the first British women to become a qualified doctor. In the top picture she is looking young and idealistic. But is she the same person as in the second picture, identified as 'Fannie Butler' - perhaps exhausted by work and the unforgiving climate of the subcontinent?

dr fanny butler

fannie butler2
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