steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Steepholm's Dream Diary: 29

This dream and the previous night's appear to form a kind of diptych on theme of parenting. I am attending a lecture, accompanied by my son. As we arrive at the lecture hall, his way is barred by an officious woman, who says that he can't come in because food is not allowed and he is carrying a paper bag from a bakery. We point out that the bag is empty: after all, he has just finished eating what was inside.

The lecture hall is sparsely attended, but the first person we see is a historian friend of mine, tucking into a croissant. My son is outraged. "How come you wouldn't even let me into the hall with an empty bag, when he's actually eating?" He asks the woman. "Because he is a professional academic, not a fifteen-year-old boy," she responds rather snottily.

I sigh inwardly, realising that the whole fuss is kind of ridiculous, but also feeling that I should stand up for my son. I become gloomily embroiled in the imbroglio.
Tags: what does it all mean?
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