steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Steepholm's Dream Diary: 28

I didn't sleep as much as I'd have liked last night, considering that I've a longish drive ahead of me this morning, because my next door neighbour decided that 1am would be a great time to start repairing her car - or rather getting a friend of hers to do it, while she provided a running commentary, punctuated with the refrain "I'm not prepared to spend hundred of pounds on it." Having just spent hundreds of pounds getting my own car that afternoon - albeit in working hours - I was less than sympathetic. Eventually I did get to sleep, but I suspect the quality of my dreams was affected.

I am in Paris with my children on a short holiday. For some reason I have to be away from them one day, and we're talking about what they can do while they're left to their own devices. My daughter is keen to see art galleries, and is planning to visit most of the major galleries in Paris, walking between them because she's not keen on using the Metro.* I'm trying to persuade her that this isn't really a practical plan, and at the back of my mind I'm also wondering whether a truly responsible parent would be letting her loose on Paris at the age of 11 anyway, especially as she doesn't speak the language. Would I have been allowed to do that sort of thing at her age?

* NB This is not a particularly likely scenario in real life.
Tags: what does it all mean?
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