steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

And to think that I saw in on Gloucester Road

I'm used to seeing drunken people shout their allegiance to various football teams as they lurch down the street, but yesterday I was taken by surprise on the Gloucester Rd (always full of surprises) when a large man followed me along the pavement shouting, at approximately 10-second intervals, variations on the theme of "Well done, Stacey!", "Stacey I love you!" and "Well done Stacey off of Eastenders!"

After consultation with my daughter, it turns out that Stacey, who is played by somebody called Lacey (neither of whom should be confused with Stacey Lacey, who is a porn model) has had a baby. Well, I've no wish to seem a killjoy, and I'm happy to join the national felicitation of this fictional character on the birth of her non-existent child. Even I, however, was surprised further up the road to see a hearse pulling out of the undertaker's, each of its wing mirrors adorned with a little England flag. On closer inspection it turned out to be a dark people carrier, but it gave me a nasty turn.
Tags: bristol, real life
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