steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

My Daily Dose of Counter Culture

Another walk through the People's Republic of Stokes Croft, another couple of graffitti pictures. This one has recently appeared in one of the more sheltered locations:

Gable End

And, in a more familiar style, there's a garish temple to a grungy Santa Muerte


You'd have to be singularly incurious not to what to know what's going on in here, I think:

Hidey Hole

Finally, what is it with children's characters and illegal immigration these days? First there was poor Dora the Explorer, after her ill-advised trip to Maricopa County:

Dora Detained

And now, Paddington Bear has turned up in Stokes Croft:


Actually, thinking about it, there is an awful lot of illegal immigration in children's books. (Yes, Lucy Pevensie, I'm looking at you!) Hmm. That may be a post for another day...
Tags: books, bristol, stokes croft
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