steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

You are Insufficiently Cart. Please Remedy (1971)

I’ve been meaning to see this movie, ultimately released under the snappier title Get Carter, for years, and the other day I took my chance when I spotted it on VHS in a charity shop.

Actually, it was well worth watching, though artier and with a far slower start than I’d expected. I’m guessing that the title established the precedent for later revenge flicks such as Kill Bill and its 15- and PG-rated tie-ins, Kick Mick and Wedgie Reggie. But I have two questions:

1. Was it obligatory for British films of the early seventies to include a mildly hallucinatory sequence in which Britt Ekland pleasured herself? I mean, was it actually written into her contract, or what?

2. At what point after 1971 did the people of Newcastle develop Geordie accents? They certainly had them by the mid-‘80s, when I used to visit.

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