steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Steepholm's Dream Diary 13

My first proper nightmare since I started this diary. I was cycling along a pleasant country lane with a friend, when I remembered that we were close to the site of a pagan chapel. I offered to show him, and he readily assented; so, leaving our bikes, we dipped through a gap in the hedge and followed a short path past a life-size wooden statue of a dark-eyed goddess, seated upright in the Egyptian style. A few paces to the left was a small, ancient chapel. Unfortunately I couldn't remember how to get in, and meanwhile the goddess - well, let's just say she didn't stay seated, and draw a veil over the rest...

Rather than go into details, I'll mention that this dream came to you courtesy of my wondering the other day whether it would be worthwhile to walk from Sally in the Woods to Dead Maids (and incidentally whether Trowbridge, which sits between them, was named after a troll). Looking into that led me inevitably to Hekate on the Hill. As for those dark eyes, I recognize them this morning as belonging to this pre-dynastic sunbather, currently safely behind glass in the British Museum.
Tags: what does it all mean?
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