steepholm (steepholm) wrote,


Once, "avatar" was such a simple word, if quite obscure.
Krishna was one: he was "a bit like Jesus", so they said.
Tipsy with wordpower I would try it out, savour its rareness
On my tongue, enjoy the blank looks, too. But karma intervened,
And four demoticizing demons came to scourge my pride:

That stand-in on the PC screen, pretending to be me,
Then Aang & Co., adventuring down Asia's long east coast;
A strangely not-so-Asian movie of the same cartoon;
A 3D Pocahontathon I can't be arsed to watch.

There went the neighbourhood, speaking semantically of course.
Now everyone says "avatar", but what they mean, who knows?

All is forgiven, Krishna. I should have paid attention in RE.
I should have listened more. Tell me that all's forgiven now.
Tags: my writing, surely now her tears will flow
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