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I hope you're all having a belter of a Beltane!

Before I trip off to dance around my own lonely Maypole-for-one, let me show you a couple of signs that I saw in the last week.

This one I've walked past many times - it's on the way to work, indeed - but only this week did I notice it peeping out from behind the ivy on Bell Hill in Stapleton. There's nothing very special about it, but I'm a sucker for a long S:


This seems to be of more recent date, but amused me:


And a couple more Stokes Croft pictures, just to please myself. These week's theme is anti-corporate protest:

Welcome to Stokes Croft

This is the site of the proposed new Tesco - now decorated with razor wire after the Battle of Stoke's Croft a few weeks ago. Every little helps:

Not a Tesco yet

By the way, who the hell does Tony Blair think he is, deigning to set foot on British soil only to tell people who are rightly pissed off with his legacy that a vote for the LibDems "isn't serious"? Patronizing git. I can only imagine he's trying to secure a Tory majority: after all, as a multi-millionaire he stands to benefit more than most.

While Labour and the Tories seem to be pussyfooting around the question of raising VAT (a regressive tax), no one has even mentioned putting up the basic rate of income tax. Why not?

I'm going to scream if I hear another government minister say that education spending has been 'ringfenced'. Tell that to someone who works in a university! Starting, perhaps, with the philosophy department at Middlesex, who are now turning en masse to their Boethius.

Meanwhile, it would be criminal not to link to yesterday's car crash event at the poster launch. It wasn't a total coincidence, either. Apparently, the rubbish lorry that caused the crash was distracted because the people inside had turned to jeer at the politicians. When asked if this event might be seen as a metaphor for Labour's campaign, Lord Mandelson (always one for the smart comeback) replied, quick as a flash: "No."

Finally, I read the other day that my constituency has highest concentration of doctoral degrees in the country. It may be true: even the head shops justify their existence by quoting Tacitus.

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