Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Subdue is also a meaning of 治める, and it seems to have an idiomatic sense of quieten, especially in conjunction with odayaka ni. Seems -- can't say I'm actually familiar with this one.

ETA: So a better translation might be "resolved" instead of "solved."

Oshii has much of the range of English "dear," including the expensive part. The disappointing/regrettable senses seem to come up generally only for a completed action or extinguishment of existence. (It comes up a lot in poetry, especially love poems -- as do a couple other emotion-laden terms that I can only describe as broad-spectrum.)


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I like "broad spectrum" as a description! I may adopt that.

Summer Wars is a feel-good, big-silly-grin, genki-as-all-get-out movie with some very sad bits but in a slice-of-life way. I tell you this so you will know what mood to watch it in.

Good - that's what I'm hoping for from it!

Have you seen Mushishi?

I saw one episode online a couple of years ago, and liked it a lot - then promptly forgot the title, so thanks for reminding me! Perhaps I misunderstood it, but the main character appears from that slender acquaintance to be a kind of Shinto Snufkin - in which case, what's not to love?

"Shinto Snufkin" gave me pause but, um, yeah. That's not that far off.


Yes, sort of. It's very beautiful and has a great sountrack, and tons of sense of wonder. It's about exploring a world and studying magical creatures - definitely some tonal similarity with the Moomintrolls.


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