Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

Being hyperphotosensitive, I've used polarising sunglasses for years and have been more than tempted by some polarising filters for my camera for the reasons you mention! :o)

How strange it is to talk to Dru on FB and you on here. I know her because Poetry. I'm going to visit her one day. I love Devizes.

It's a small world - or a small part of a big one.

I like the idea of the support acts you suggest. It would be a way of getting people to experience something new but still related to what they already like.

I really do think it could work. Unfortunately, I'm neither a publisher nor an impresario.

my sunglasses - they're new ones with some kind of polarizing filter, and apparently have the power to give even some unarresting dribs of cloud bulk and depth and bloom them into Turner skies.

Those are some very impressive clouds just as caught on film. That shot of Dru is wonderful, too.

Clouds are a speciality of the region.


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